True Colors – Images Of Mexico

This website is a tribute to the colorful landscapes and cultures of central Mexico. In this photographic series, each black and white photo is highlighted with a digitally superimposed, colored portion of the same.

Developed separately from the main website-blog, the Dancing With Trees exhibition website, this exclusively-photographs website, “True Colors” is considered as one complete and independent artistic endeavor.

Home page: The freshly painted benches in San Crystobal De Las Casas along the shores of Lake Chapala are symbolic of the resiliance and resourcefulness of Mexican communities. In the face of deficiency there is effort, enterprise, faith, and celebration.

The best thing that travel does is influence an understanding that our countries and histories are interwoven. We live together on one Earth. One color truly affects another.

Nikki Coulombe, Artist

…your true colors are beautiful…

 (Cindy Lauper)

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